Sarcastic moms is a blog about my life with a new baby, and life leading up to having a baby. It’s not one of those “my kid farts butterflies and his life changed mine” type of mom blogs. I promise. Maybe? Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid more than I love wine, but wine has never spit up in my mouth or pooped in my hand if you catch my drift. Motherhood is scary. Sarcastic moms is for the moms who have Cheetos and Coffee for brunch and who wear extra high leggings to hide all that extra fun their baby gave them as a “thank you for birthing me” gift. Sarcastic moms is for the moms who aren’t vegan, and the moms who are vegan but don’t boast about it (we like those vegans). It’s a fun place to get away and read funny and embarrassing stories of my life to most likely make you feel better about yours. Plus I’ll show you some of my favorite baby hacks and favorite baby instagram pages. Yes, they have baby IG pages. My three month old has one and I’m proud. If you’ve made it this far and enjoyed any part of this rant then I promise you you’ll love my blog. If you hated it all then you are not a Sarcastic Mom. That’s totally fine. We can’t all be awesome.

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