The Dad

Dads. The first man our little girl will ever love. Also the first man to most likely chase away any other dude who tries to love her. Jimmy has always wanted a boy, so when we found out we were having a girl you can imagine Jimmy’s….. excitement. It took him a while to come around but about seven months later when we were in the delivery room I’m pretty sure his dream of having a boy went away once Ashtyn was placed in his arms. I asked him if he wanted to hold her and he said, “no, she’s too small”. I forced him to hold her and now he won’t put her down. Within a few weeks I figured out why Jimmy wanted a boy, having a little girl gives him all the feelings. Moana can turn him into a mush. Just looking at Ashtyn the first few months got him teary eyed, I hear that’s pretty normal though. Dads don’t get nearly enough credit. Yes, I know they get to sleep, and eat, and leave every day for work and talk to other adults and shower whenever they want for how ever long they want, but they deal with us – the moms. Now, if you say you weren’t crazy after giving birth then you are 100% lying, or you have a really good husband who let you be crazy and pretended like nothing was wrong… but I don’t think those husbands exist. I’m so lucky to have a husband like mine because this is how the day went after we got home from the hospital. We get home, unpack, I vacuum while Jimmy yells at me not too, he wants to just relax but I have a long list of stuff I need from the store so after sleeping in a chair for three days he doesn’t even get to sit on our couch for five minutes. He goes and he gets everything from the store, and even surprised me with way more stuff, then I want food, so there he goes again trying to figure out what I want because I didn’t even know what I wanted to eat. The next day, our family from out-of-town had all these plans, and Jimmy was only going  to eat then come home, and before he left I went into a crying freak out and I had no idea why, but apparently he did because he canceled the plans and made everyone come over instead and he didn’t leave me. He’s a freaking superhero. There are some things that are so sweet about Jimmy, but you really have to find the positives in them, like, the fact that he still thinks I can fit into an XS shirt or size 2 pants, or doesn’t understand why I don’t wear crop tops. All of those things I could go crazy over, but I also love that he still sees me that way instead of the muffin top, crumbs in her bra getting stuck to the babies face girl that I really am. I can’t think of an exact moment Jimmy has done something that I just don’t understand, he’s amazing and I always want to say amazing things about him, even though I act like he’s on my nerves all the time. I’ll tell you a few things about jimmy without telling too much because he doesn’t like people knowing everything about his life (Why did he marry me). He grew up playing sports, I was surprised too, you didn’t play football and baseball and soccer Jimmy, you look like a skater. NOPE. He’s a pretty athletic guy, and he’s good at EVERYTHING. Which is so cool but stupid because it makes me look bad at everything. This isn’t about me, but it is. He could build a house, or dress me in a really good outfit that I will say looks stupid and throw a fit about but then get I complimented all day for it. He went to FIDM and had one class left before graduation and decided that going to LA everyday and paying to park and walking forever wasn’t worth it – which it wasn’t. LA sucks and if you love LA, we don’t trust you. Just joking, kind of. He has a really good sense of humor, and he keeps his side of the closet really clean and organized and hates me for having my clothes hung up inside out or backwards. He also hates laziness – again, why did he marry me?? He looks scary and intimidating,and he’s nicer than I am, but he’s freakishly strong so I still wouldn’t mess with him. He rides a Harley Davidson and I think it’s the hottest thing ever but I still watch his location via iphone the whole time he’s riding to and from work because I’m so nervous. We both believe in God and believe if something is going to happen, it’s already planned out and no, don’t tell us how dangerous bikes are, or how stupid other people are because we already know, and if he already has the bike, other opinions clearly didn’t matter to us in the first place. I say “us” as if I had a say in him getting it.  Funny story, we were at a work event and I was about seven or eight months pregnant and someone came up to us and said, “How are you guys? How much longer? Soon, right?” And Jimmy said, “ Yeah, I get my bike next week! I’m so stoked!”. I tell this story so much because it’s hillarious but what I leave out is that we were already talking about his bike, and this guy came and interrupted us and Jimmy thought he was talking about the bike, but I knew it was about the baby because he looked at my ginormous stomach. But it’s not fun to tell it the real way. Jimmy watches really stupid nerdy stuff on T.V and I don’t love that, but he does, so he watches his shows and I usually bother him the whole time. He loves guns, and shooting and hunting, and believe it or not, he’s never murdered anyone when a gun was in his presence, so I guess were just lucky. If we ever get one of those bad guns that kill people we will be sure to throw it away. To anyone offended, don’t hate me. As Jimmy would say, like he does like five times a day, I’m a “savage”. He picks up really cool lingo from the kids they hire at his work and sometimes it sticks with him, so I get to make fun of him for as long as he says those cool words he picks up. I, on the other hand, say things like “neat” and “super cool”. He has his fun with making fun of me too. He is the only person I’ve ever been okay with “calling me out”. For example, if I’m completely wrong about something but arguing that I am right, he will be the one to bring me back down to earth and tell me I’m stupid and wrong (not exactly like that). But that sums it up. He loves music that is super screamo and scary, but he will also listen to country and any other classic that is good. His music taste always surprises me. We decided that if Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil ever got divorced we would have to get a divorce too, so I could marry Justin and he could marry Jessica. I get Ashtyn though. He can have our fake plants. He could eat tacos every day of the week and still have abs, it’s really stupid. He also has really cool tattoos and for some reason people really love telling him about the tattoos they want to get, and he’s really good at pretending to care and I laugh the whole time because I have no self-control. He hates social media but I always convince him to keep his Instagram, I’m a bad influence on him. When we got married I got complimented multiple times because Jimmy found someone who can “handle” him, and I can’t help but laugh because Jimmy puts up with way more from me than what I have to put up with, with him. He’s the most impatient, patient dude ever, he can’t wait for the light to turn green so he’ll go another way, but he’ll listen to me try to tell a story even though I made him pause his nerdy show to listen to me. I could go on and on about how cool, awesome, hot and impressive he is but I won’t, because I’d be here all day if I did. He’s the best dad ever to our girl, a good husband to me, the best uncle to Kaydan, and I think he farts about 150+ times a day. Super impressive man.


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