The Mom

Im gonna go off on a limb and say this will be the best post yet, it’s all about ME! I’m talking about myself and telling you guys things about me you maybe never knew, and things you probably shouldn’t know. Believe it or not there’s a handful of people convinced that I am “shy”. Let me clear this up- if I don’t want to talk to people I just don’t. I can be at lunch with a group of people and not say one word because I literally don’t have too! It’s so cool being an adult. I am not shy, I am extremely talkative and sometimes just don’t want to talk at all and it’s so cool that I’m allowed to do that. I love being an adult. People say adulting is hard, and it is! But I’m one of the few that love it. I love being called Mama, and Auntie and Wife. I love being bossy and not getting in trouble for being bossy, except when Jimmy tells me to stop being bossy, then I tell HIM to stop being bossy. It’s a fun time. I love grocery shopping. I know. Who loves that? ME. That’s who. I love finding deals on crap I don’t need and trying to tell Jimmy all about it until I realize he’s ignoring me, then I like to throw a fit and still realize he’s ignoring me, then get over it, all within about a minute and then realize he had no idea I was even talking to him in the first place. This happens daily, by the way. I love being positive and trying to see the good in most things. I love yelling at people or objects while I drive. I feel like I’m allowed to do that even though I’m the one driving way too slow most of the time. I love making my family dinner, or not, and seeing their faces when they ask what’s for dinner and I say “I don’t know!” It’s comedy. I hate doing the dishes and laundry and wish I had a maid, except I hate when other people clean my house or put my groceries away for me. One time Jimmy loaded the dishwasher for me and did it “wrong” and I went into the bathroom and cried. I wish I could say I cried because I was pregnant, but I almost cried the other day because the checker at Vons didn’t put my stuff in the bags I asked him to. So I’m gonna have to say I may have a tiny bit OCD. Maybe. I used to make meal plans as a nutritional coach for people with obesity or illness that required them to have a strict diet. I would grocery shop with them too. I did this until I started dating Jimmy and slowly migrated down to Huntington Beach where he lived at the time. Now we eat out too often and I laugh at people who eat kale. I’ll probably stop laughing when I get diabetes, though. I get major anxiety in the car no matter the situation (unless I drive) and literally think I’m gonna die all the time, again, really fun time. I was in a bad car accident a while back that messed me up a good amount, but mostly mentally. Unfortunately I can’t blame the accident on my craziness, only some memory loss. I was crazy long before that accident. I used to have hair down to the top of my butt crack and it was jet black box dyed and I’m so not ashamed at all.






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