The Parents

Mom and Dad, Mama and Dada, Mommy and Daddy, no matter what your kids call you we are all in the same boat- parenthood. This super bittersweet stage of life where we are pretty much being bossed around by our younger selves and convinced our kids are the cutest kids around. (They are, don’t let anyone tell you different. Except me. My kids the cutest) Where everything you swore you’d still do after you had a kid is out the window and you’re going to bed at 8pm to get a decent nights sleep before you wake up at 6am and make frozen Mickey Mouse waffles. As long as you have a good team, you’ll be okay. My husband, Jimmy, and I are a really good team. He tells me that I’m okay like six times a day and I keep the kids alive. Jimmy and I aren’t too into arguing or fighting at all. We prefer to let the kids do the dirty work. Jimmy pisses me off? I make sure Ashtyn poops before I jump in the shower. Sorry babe. I piss Jimmy off? Who am I kidding. I’m an angel. We won’t talk about that. I’m not high maintenance or overbearing at ALL. It’s so important to have good parents. You need a good-cop bad-cop though. I’m the good cop when the kids need anything like food or toys, and I’m also the bad cop if I ask them to do anything like, you know, sleep. Jimmy somehow isn’t a cop at all. He’s like Superman. He gets home from work and the kids act like he’s a celebrity. He can’t even use the restroom without Ashtyn yelling and hitting the door until he comes back out. Before kids life was so different. Before kids I could sleep in, drink hot coffee, hug my husband, watch t.v that wasn’t Moana or Trolls and eat all of my food alone.  Jimmy never sleeps in because of work, but he does still get to drink his coffee hot, I actually still hug him but I also ask if he loves me every single time,so I’m not sure if that’s a win or lose for him, he also never gets to watch t.v because I talk way too much and all of my ideas happen to come out of my mouth when his show is on the most crucial part. I eat all of his food too. Whatever. Maybe this is why he’s so good at being a dad. He’s been raising me for four years now. Damn. Anyway, being a parent and a spouse is tough. You have to stay strong for the kids always. Even if you want to eat Mac n cheese for dinner and get tucked into bed at 7pm, you literally can’t do that because you’re doing it for someone else. I want to complain about being forced to take naps, or eat all my food or sit still. I’m so good at all of those things now. There would be so much positivity in my house if someone cheered for me every time I finished all of my food. I finish so much food all day. I should probably mention my six year old nephew lives with us. That probably makes more sense instead of thinking this is all about Ashtyn. Ashtyn doesn’t go to bed at 7, she parties until about 8:30 then screams at me for betraying her and not laying in bed with her to go to sleep, so that’s where bed time comes in at 8:30 for me, she’s my boss and I’m proud of it. You go girl. (Send help). Being a parent means different things to different people. To some it means going above and beyond, to some it literally means giving birth and that’s all (you suck, by the way. Don’t do that). To us, it means keeping the kids alive and happy. Ashtyn may grow up eating glue (she won’t)  and Kaydan may growl at everyone until he’s like ten ( he actually might), but as long as they’re healthy we’re doing something right. Right?


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