The New Excitement

When you have a baby, as a first time mom, you think of “milestones” as your babies first steps, first word, maybe her first time sitting up. Well, trust me, there’s WAY more to it. I remember her first poop and how excited I was for that. Her first time spitting up on me, and in my mouth. That’s not necessarily a milestone but it’s  definitely a first. You get excited over the craziest things. Maybe it’s just me. The first time she smiled at me, where it finally wasn’t just her reflexes, I went CRAZY. I took so many pictures and videos, my poor friends on social media got flooded with baby smiles (seriously though, whoever doesn’t love baby smiles clearly need to re-evaluate their lives), I would make my husband come into the bedroom to look at her smile every single time she even cracked the smallest grin. If you know my baby you know she smiles all.the.time. So think of my poor hubby constantly getting called in to see the same things over and over. I still do it. It’s not even milestones anymore. It’s for anything. “Babe look! She’s eating pees! Shes laughing! She pooped on me! Take a picture!” To say I’m obsessed is definitely an understatement. Here’s this tiny human, doing the same things over and over again,  and me, acting as if it’s the first time she’s doing these things, every time. All parents react differently to their babies doing new things, I react to my baby doing all the things. Think of all the things babies do, I am so excited every time. It’s sad. I’m already the annoying mom over-excited because her baby is great at passing gas and smiling. Like the best tooter ever. The mom who excessively posts about her baby doing typical baby things, but she’s better than other babies. Obviously. That’s why I made an entire blog about her, and an entire Instagram. There’s a new excitement you get, that you didn’t even realize was inside of you, when you bring a baby into the world. I just didn’t realize I would be so obnoxiously excited about everything my daughter does. I’m only four months in and she hasn’t even reached legitimate milestones yet except eating and laughing. I’m scared my heart will explode when she walks. If it does, don’t worry, I’ll still find a way to write an annoyingly long post about it, on all of my social media accounts.

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