The Beginning 

Babies. 99% blessing and 1% holy crap.Okay, more than 1% holy crap, but it would sound really bad if I said anything less than 99% blessing, right? When my husband and I were living in TN last year, we decided to move back home to CA. We amped each other up “let’s be young!” “We’re in our early 20s let’s just party and have fun!” “Friends!” “Sleep!” “Have your own life without being a slave to a baby!!” Maybe that last part didn’t happen. Well, funny thing is, three days after that fun motivational conversation we had, I started feeling hungover when I hadn’t drank in months. So I left my job early as a bag girl (clearly super ready for a baby) and bought the cheapest pregnancy test I could find at the store. When I rushed home to my husband, he was snoring on the couch in the middle of boxes and crap everywhere, again, super ready to be parents, I went and took the test and it came up positive almost immediately. My stomach fell into my butt. Bag girl at Whole Foods. Husband sleeping when we’re supposed to be responsible and pack, and a positive pregnancy test a week before we were moving into our studio apartment in sunny and smoggy California across the country. When I woke up my hubby he responded with some words I wont use in my blog EVER, then said “thats gonna cost so much money”. Boy was he right. This is only the beginning of the craziest chapter of my life. Craziest, scariest, grossest, BEST chapter of my life.

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